Friday, October 24, 2014

ESO Guides: Fast Earn Cheap ESO Gold in the game

In the Elder Scrolls Online, you should know it hard to get ESO Gold when you are newbies in the game, and some new players will take a long time to sell loot and rarely get any motfits. Now, there are some effective ways of making enough gold to buy VR eso items.

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1. Collect Everything
Collect everything you can collected, such as the Bleakrock Isle is the good place to material collecting, has many nodes and handy pickables, the Iron Ore is one of the most profitable resources you should know, can get a very high profit easily if you meet a good buyer. 

2. Crafting
Learn and improve your crafting professions in elder scrolls online, such as the blacksmithing. Items creation is chosen when you want to craft a new item. Another simple way to make ESO gold is to deconstructing your weapons and armors, the green middle armor has a chance to drop the enchanting items you can sold 300G+ if you are a lucky guy. 

3. Guilds
You can join 5 guilds in ESO. Do not sell your items on the store instead hawk your items in guild channel as possible. Make sure talk to players and constantly offer items. Note, the guild stores are often the place fo criminal deals, pay attention to the players are selling the items with crazy and unreasonable price.

4. Hawk
No auction house in Elder Scrolls Online, but you have to trade your items. Use the guild store and the chat channels with "WTS" and "WTB" and accumulated your customers, they will always exchange items if you are friendly and has a reasonable price. Remember the cash deal is the best choice unless you trust your guild members and will sell the trading fee. 

5.Buy cheap ESO Gold and ESO Items
Lastly, playing ESO with eso gold and VR eso items offered by ESO-GOLD allows you can go further and level up quickly in the game. All ESO Gold and ESO Items are delivered within 20mins fast and safe,Happy purchasing! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to make ESO Gold in the game

For new players and veterans alike, earning gold in Elder Scrolls Online can be a somewhat slow process. Having a good amount of gold is a necessity in the game, though, as it enables you to purchase high-level gear, mounts, and other useful items. Luckily ESO provides players with an ample amount of opportunities to make some gold. Below we’ve providing an ESO gold farming guide that summarizes every way to make coin in-game.


Quests are one of the best ways to level up fast in ESO but they also pay out well, too. For a simple quest that takes just a few minutes to complete you can earn anywhere from 50 to several hundred gold (depending on what level zone you’re in). Explore every area you can to find new quests. There are plenty of them to choose from. The more lengthy and challenging the quest is the more rewarding it is (usually).

Resource Gathering
Materials for crafting are found in abundant amounts in ESO. Everything from simple plants to ores and wood logs can be found by simply running around the world. Gather every single resource you can find. Why? Because, even if you’re not going to participate in crafting yourself, these items can still be sold. Merchants pay an ok amount of gold for crafting mats but the real gold is made by selling stacks of resources to actual players. A simple stack of iron ore, for example, can fetch 500-700 gold typically.

Dungeon Farming
Both instanced and public dungeons are absolutely amazing for earning gold in Elder Scrolls Online. Get together with a small group and repeatedly run every dungeon you can find and you’ll find yourself with tons of great loot to sell off. You can farm all kinds of gear that come in drops from slain enemies and sell them off to merchants or players. Technically you could do this on regular mobs, too, but dungeon mobs seem to have a better drop rate for rarer loot.

Crafting can be rather expensive, at first, but once you’ve reached the highest levels in a craft it actually becomes very profitable. Why? Because most of the rarest and most powerful gear is only obtainable via crafting. If you can create the best weapons and armor in the game you’ll find that players are willing to hand over tons of their hard-earned gold for it. This method just takes time as you do need to level one of the crafting professions first.

Dark Anchor Events
The Dark Anchor events that spawn all over the world are also excellent opportunities to make some gold. If you go to these events with a small group you can easily and quickly complete them. There are tons of enemies that spawn at the Anchors and they typically drop some pretty good loot, too. You can collect a ton of loot and either sell it or break it down into mats to sell off. Either way you can earn a nice amount of coin running these events.

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Buy cheap ESO gold to be excellence player

Twenty years history of The Elder Scrolls Online is a legend among the entertainment products. When we look back over the last 20 years, we will find that the game market is full of energy because of TESO.

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Elder Scrolls Online was announced in May 2012 and was released on April 4th, 2014. ESO is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game(MMORPG) which was developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. It is our desire that each game could be its own thing, has its own features and soul. Even though time has passed by, the world has changed and we have changed, but the goal of Elder Scrolls has not changed. There are many supporters such as ESO-GOLD.COM, if you are interested in related information about ESO, you can get into the news block of ESO-GOLD.

With the development of technology, compared to The Elder Scrolls series before,the Elder Scrolls Online is more attractive and interesting .How to be an excellence player in ElderScrolls Online, maybe I can give you some advices:

Do not pay too much attention to compare it with before
Some fans of TES reject to ESO, after all TES is so classic. But I think that we should regard ESO as a fresh one to bring us enjoyment.

Do a safe transaction when you shop at the websites
When you need to buy eso gold, you should choose a website who is safe, fast delivery and honest to avoid being cheated. Only in that way can you love the game most.

Give more feedbacks to ESO
Our players should give more supports to ESO, at the same time, we would better give more feedbacks to the developers, with the efforts from all of you, should Elder Scrolls Online be the best.

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The Resto Warrior in The Elder Scrolls Online -

The Resto Warrior in The Elder Scrolls Online -

Developers MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online reported that there was a second edition of the series Battlemaster's Corner ( Area commanders ) . The last time you were able to get acquainted with the build of called The Shadow Knight.

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Today you will explore The Resto Warrior. This Templar with two-handed weapons , heavy armor and magic recovery. Build looks like this:

The first option : Cleave (Carve), Critical Charge (Stampede), Reverse Slash (Executioner), Rushed Ceremony (Breath of Life), Ultimate - Soul Strike.

The second option : Cleave (Carve), Silver Bolts (Silver Leash), Expert Hunter (Evil Hunter), Breath of Life and Radiant Aura, Ultimate - Werewolf Transformation (Pack Leader).

More detailed information can be found on the official website of The Elder Scrolls Online. Also, the developers showed a teaser video, which shows how to create a real mace Molag Bal . Also, expect a little later transfer the new release " Ask us about anything ."

How to make the the hero Costumes of Tamriel with TESO Clothes -

How to make the the hero Costumes of Tamriel with TESO Clothes -

Clothes make in The Elder Scrolls Online people. This is not the powerful equipment meant from the endgame, but the sleek panels that can capture online in The Elder Scrolls and ESO Gold are worn over the actual armor. In the gallery we introduce you to a variety of disguises.

eso guides

In The Elder Scrolls Online you have the chance, your hero a costume or rather to drag a panel that is worn over the armor and only a decorative purpose, that increases no attributes. The panels you get mostly in the course of a quest series. They often serve to disguise the hero, so you can penetrate undetected into cordoned-off areas or buildings.

We have collected some costumes for you and put them in the gallery, among them a Breton from the dagger fall Alliance and a Bosmer of the Aldmeri Dominion ago. Have you found yourself costumes that we do not have in the gallery, send us an e-mail to us Tagged with ESO costumes and the name of the panel. Which panels you have already looted and which ones you find most successful? Tells us in the comments.

The Elder Scrolls Online Content Release Plans Revealed - IGN News

Bethesda has confirmed when The Elder Scrolls Online will get its first major content patch, and explained how long before the next one.---

Friday, May 16, 2014

A deep look on The Elder Scrolls Online so far -

A deep look on The Elder Scrolls Online so far -
The Elder Scrolls comes out unquestionably one of the most well-liked and critically highly praised role-playing game series in all the time. It is a matter of fact; the devotees have improved an expectation while appearing as a new release. The Elder Scrolls Online does have much weight over its shoulders. ZeniMax Online Studios developed this game, The Elder Scrolls Online as it is the opposition of Bethesda while following in the footsteps of Skyrim. It is one of the most significantly acclaimed games of 2011. It is the series of the first entry in the MMO market. However, it can be finished in a market that is saturated with the competitors that deal with offering higher convincing online experience without cost. The players find out the elder scrolls online gold to make procure the proper weapons and armors in the shortest possible time than grinding gold in the gameplay of TESO.

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The first thing is that the individuals would like to get accustomed to the quality of the game as it can live up to the inheritance of the series. There is the other pertinent question whether the game is valuable by asking the price of $15 for a month. After passing a considerable amount of time in Tamriel, the world is explored for the possibility of combat. It is to live up towards the expectation or to rationalize the entry price.

Vividly, The Elder Scrolls Online comes out as a good-looking game. It is not astonishing with the stretch of the imagination. While considering an MMO, the quality along with a scale of the world is praiseworthy. The lighting is outstanding; the vistas are characteristically impressed. The texture work is fair. It is actually lifts the title above and it is merely standardized art fashion. The continent of Tamriel looks nice as it is filled with the diversity. And color makes each location become unique. It starts ranging from marshy swamps of Glenumbra to the oddly nice wasteland. It is the Stonefalls. Each locale is instantaneously identifiable and it does have its own charm. The same thing is applied for each piece of armor, face and weaponry. All are introduced to the life with a good attention to the detailing that is to let the player go slowly through the immersive world.

The Elder Scrolls Online shows off a soundtrack that is nothing short of surprising. It appends much to the atmosphere. It moves between the sombre and epochal and there is the actually shining the game between the presentational views. It is not accurate; many dungeon themes are entirely underwhelming and unmemorable. However, it is for the most part as it makes the feeling as the player is vital in the world of the game. The quest that helps the player embark on is important. The consistently pleasant voice-work backs up. It is with the dialogue for every race characterizing the tiny delicacies serving to distinguish them between the others. It can be a clever touch.